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ArezPet- Pet Multi-functional Water Bottle

ArezPet- Pet Multi-functional Water Bottle

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ArezPet™ is an all-in-one portable pet water bottle, feeder, and waste scooper. It's perfect to bring anywhere from the park, on long walks, to the beach, or any other doggy adventure! No more overpacking and no more clutter. 
Dehydrated Doggies are in Danger
Chances are you're not drinking enough water per day and netiher is your dog. Dehydration in dogs can lead to kidney failure, unconsciousness, and even death in extreme cases. Dogs need 30mL of water per pound of body weight per day. The ArezPet™ is always ready to rehydrate your dog anytime and anywhere so that they can continue being that playful pup!

Don't Let Your Pup Starve

You get hungry when you're on the go and so does your dog! With the ArezPet™, you can make sure your dog never gets too hungry anywhere you go! Simply unscrew the food holder and let your dog eat straight from it or pour it into the bowl.

No One Likes Getting Their Hands Dirty

 Dog waste is harmful and home to bacteria and viruses. In fact, their waste carries 11 common different diseases. Luckily the ArezPet™ provides a touchless waste removal system! All you need to do is detach the shovel from the cup, put a bag around it, scoop it right up.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Joe Prosacco

It's good. Trohi is great (500 ml), ale for the great dogs of the same, the treba.

Athena Hessel

I thought I 'd be a Misha😅Jakisna, class and more bags for kakushki as a gift

Enrico Waelchi

Its higher that i expected very nice

Hilario Stark

High quality, perfect! Shipping was very quick! A++

Marques Kuhic

300 ml. Well, the Duge is great.